How to Kill

I am an amorist,
A masochist.
They coexist.

I'd like a parodist
To compliment,
My humorist.

I've seen the sun fall for the moon,
I think he fell in love much too soon.

I'll drink my fill,
Of you and your pills,
You'll find I can be too willing.
And I if said,
"They hurt my head,"
Would you still be so giving?

I am a survivalist,
I slung a monolith,
At the goliath.

I need a ventriloquist.
An optimist,
Clipped my wrists.

I've seen the sun hide from the moon,
I hope it'll come back out at noon.

Say that you will,
Know how to kill,
The second I think of you.
And if I said,
"I wanna be dead,"
Would you still follow through?

I've seen the sun cry for the moon,
I don't think I'll see it some time soon.
I'll think of it till the very day I die,
But I miss it less as each day goes by.
I wish the moon would understand,
She takes the sun's heart when she takes his hand.