Vacate Your Homes; I Came to Break your Bones

the one who missed the punchline
the one who didn't get invited to the party
the one who was easily forgotten
the one who you slipped in your back pocket

the rainy day friend
the spring break crush. it only lasts a week, and both of you forget it happened.

the one who takes all the promises with a grain of salt.
took them all with a nod and a smiled
because wishes don't come true

i bought my way into this
now its up to myself to step above and beyond
i just wish they made a ladder for this

i'm pushed to the side, save to last
the last kid picked for the team if at all
the one you 'had to chose'
please make me feel not so alone
♠ ♠ ♠
who let me go on my livejournal?