Our Time

I remember the first time he put his arm around me
How comforting it felt
Then the last time I was in that embrace
So much love gone all too soon
Now here I am missing him
Spilling my heart on the page

My heart still beating his name
Reminding me how some feelings don’t change
Only longing more with time
Praying he’s still mine
Knowing I’m his
So happy I didn't miss out on this

People may not see but I do
I love him.
That’ll always be true
May not seem ideal but you can’t change what your heart knows
Nor would I want to

People have their opinions one in the same
But they don’t understand this
Never will
Just keep walking with my head held high
Eyes toward the sky, dreaming of a better place
Maybe by his side or in his embrace

So I pass each day
With him in mind
My heart patiently waiting for
Our time