Pete Wentz the Teletubby


Do you happen to know who this is ladies and gents?
Well it is none other than the gorgeous talented Pete Wentz
Teletubbied out, strutting his stuff
When the paparazzi caught him and called his bluff

You are not a true teletubby is what they said
Yes I am look at my head!
Where is your plushy tummy and small TV screen?
At the cleaners getting cleaned

Where are your friends TinkyWinky and Po?
I just dropped them off at a Fall Out Boy concert show
Are you sure you are not Pete Wentz?
I am oh so sure ladies and gents

Now our teletubby friend had to go
Since he was going to an Ashlee Simpson show
He tried to get inside his car but he can't
Not even when he put his head at a slant

I'll never make it she'll break up with me
I must get rid of this head and run free
So dear Pete ripped off his head
Blood splattered everywhere and soon was dead

He never made it to the Ashlee Simpson show
TinkyWinky fell in love with Po
Now to his funeral is where we go
With Ashlee, Patrick, Andrew, and Joe

To mourn over their friend who was happy and bubbly
And also Pete Wentz the Teletubby