The Lightless Lighthouse Near the Bay

I can feel the waves crash up over me
As I lay under the ocean
The sorrow that surrounds me
Drowns out all the sound of the world

Where am I to go from here if I’ve nowhere left?
What am I supposed to do now?
What am I to do if everything I love has been killed?
Oh how do I survive?

I can feel the dirt strangle my neck
As I lay under the cemetery
The death that’s all around me
Drowns out all my scattered thoughts

What am I to do if I have nothing I love?
What am I supposed to do now?
What am I do to if all my happiness has been stolen?
Oh how do I survive?

Oh how do I survive?
You’ve killed me inside
I have nothing left, nothing to lose
If I’ve just lost it all
Oh how do I live?
I’m nothing but a walking corpse
With bleak lifeless eyes
‘Cause I was only human

How do I keep this to myself?
If it’s and choking and stabbing and draining me?
How do you expect me to believe you?
When you say it’ll be alright and I should trust you with my life.

I was just a human who tried her best to be good
You ruined everything I ever had
I was only human, trying to be my best
You killed every spark I ever had

You killed me inside
I used to be alive.

So what do you have to say now?
♠ ♠ ♠
28-11-12, wrote this today.

Dedicated to my mother who has tried to take everything[i love and need] away me.