Mysterious Ways

God's got a plan

He's got a plan for you

For you

God's gonna test you

He's gonna make you hurt

You hurt

God's gonna bless you

He's gonna make you laugh and cry with joy

With joy

God can't let you stay in one place forever

He's gonna challenge you, give you ups and downs

Ups and downs

God's gonna give you a purpose

He's gonna give you hints to find that purpose

That purpose

God works in mysterious ways

He sends other people to soothe the hurt

Soothe the hurt

God wants you to let them in

He's gonna give you what you want

What you want

God's gonna test you

Be prepared for the worst, celebrate the best

The best

God's gonna make you a survivor

He's gonna help you pull through

Pull through

Nothing in the world can take away your faith but you