It was a night to remember,
No creature made a sound.
My body had gone numb,
My feet dragged across the ground.
He carried me to the river,
Where he slowly let me down.
He said that he loved me,
Before he let me drown.

I feel heavy, oh so heavy,
Like an iron ball.
Catch me, oh catch me,
In your arms I want to fall.

You know what they say,
"Rings'll just weigh you down.
When they turn your finger green,
You'll be sadder than a clown."
So quit all those thoughts,
Take your head outta those clouds.
Save the nights for your dreaming,
And keep your feet on the ground.

I feel heavy, oh so heavy,
My heart's a weight of lead.
It beating, oh it's beating,
You brought it back from the dead.

I was a problem laced in chains,
Falling from the sky.
All the people in the planes,
Waved as they flew by.
I was a burden draped with anchors,
Sinking to the ocean floor.
All the oil from the tankers,
Helped pollute me more.
I was a child tied in rope,
The noose was my necktie.
The hanged men lost all hope,
When they finally saw me cry.
I was a king adorned with thorns,
Rubies upon my brow.
The angels blew their horns,
Awakening me somehow.

I feel heavy, oh so heavy,
Caress my skin of steel.
Touch me, won't you touch me?
Show me how to feel,
Show me that I'm real.

I'm so heavy, oh so heavy,
I weigh about a ton.
Love me, say you'll love me,
I thought you were the one.
I'm like an iron ball.
Catch me, won't you catch me?
Together we'll both fall.