Chase your dreams, they said
Follow your heart, stay true
To yourself, get in touch
With your soul

Well I've touched it
If it's my soul that I see
Curling out of my nose in smokey tendrils
My dreams run from me
And I'm so very weary
On most days when all there is is acid
Eating away my stomach

They always say go find yourself
I've succeeded in that at least

I have sat and
Stared at the sky
Barely breathing
Before forgetting
To breathe
At all

I have stayed up sleepless nights
And countless hours
I have begged for help from the moon
And received none

I tore through my skin
Picked my way in between
Muscle, sinew, arteries and veins
I've examined every shard
Of bone in my body
Until I found it
My soul
In my

I have clawed my way through
Every thought I've ever had
And finally succeeded

They never say what to do
If you don't like what you find
I don't really care though
I'm just more lonely than
I have ever felt before