Time and Consciousness

Time is lethal
To be aware of it means
That you know you're going to die
And even the unaware
Will come to know that fact dearly
One day

It makes the trees grow
And the snow fall
The one who fills the oceans
The one who raises mountains
The one who heals all wounds
It is time who swings the pendulum
And sets the stars twirling
Beautifully around you

Time is the thread that entwines all things

Flies are crushed, men are buried, trees are felled
The sphinx already lost its nose
The pyramids will one day crumble
And the sand of the desert
Will bury it all while the wind
Howls in understanding

This is why I say that time is lethal
One day, all seas will turn into deserts
One day, even the Sun will burst
In glorious cosmic flames
Burning us out, leaving
Only dust

But our consciousness is special
It exists outside of time, it can think
Of the here and now, or the past
And future, it is the only thing
Time does not change

Our conciousness is powerful
But mine scares me
It's overwhelming sometimes
Thinking so much about
Everything, about
You especially

That's when it feels like my psyche wants to
Swallow me whole, bind me down so that
My train of thought can run me over
And scatter my guts in its tracks

That's when at my core is a singularity
That is constantly sucking me into
Myself, and it's already so hard
To get away

I cant escape forever
Remember, time is lethal
It is one true killer in this world
Life may thrive, but in time it withers
As the bell tolls and echoes solemnly
Across the cosmos, from horizon
To horizon, time is the in between
The space separating atoms and us

Galaxies will drift apart
And collide

The Universe will collapse
Grow cold and die

While time waits
To fade into oblivion