The Night comes on steel wings
Hooves thundering passed
I close my eyes and pray
That the storm will not last
The Darkness manifesting
Into the worst of painful dreams
Drags me deeper down
Through Life’s unraveling seams
And through the crack of Life
The Blessed Light, it leaves
Leaving me forever trapped
In this den of thieves
The Darkness holds a power
One much greater than mine
The tendrils wrap around me
Until I’m tangled in the vines
I look up in horror
Then hang my head in defeat
Thinking that my Darkness
Never can be beat
But then on wings of silver
My Angel makes his way
Through the deepest Darkness
Pulling out his blade
He cuts the vines of Darkness
Fighting at his best
And catches me as I fall
And holds me to his chest
“You’ll never be alone”
He whispers in my ear
“Don’t you know, little kitten
That I am always near?
So grow into a Lion
As I stand by your side
You will be the king
And I one of your pride
Never fear the Darkness
I’ll save you every time
And hold you close to me
And tell you that you’re mine
Cast away your chains
Let me hear your mighty roar
Now that you know I love you
And will forevermore”
He sheathed his sword and set me down
Then knelt and took my hand
And with the warmth of that touch
I felt I could no longer stand
So long spent in Darkness
In cold, moonless Night
Then my Angel came
And bathed my world in Light