If Reality...

Home is where the heart is
Through a thousand miles of rain and snow
Try to find a way; to get back home

Glowing brightly
There's a fire hatching from a spark
One more way to see their faces
And remember those kept at heart

As the flame spreads through the world
And brings reunion and greif to all the acquaintances we meet
It makes my wonder why
That we all try and find
Love in the form of a spark
Also called home

It's the joy and the cheer that's loud
It doesn't matter the town
When, where, or why
I see that all of the things that fly

Must come down
Or why they fall
Directly to the ground

Hopes and dreams come plummeting down to
But what if we all want to just stick around and pretend?

That our whole life is just like the Fayette County Fair
'Cause there's this little thing called Karma
Around this old and scattered town
If you'd ask anybody here, they'd say

To pick yourself off the ground
And fall
And fly
And look up to the sky
'Cause life could be like a miricle
All you'd have to do is try