I could kick or spit
In your face or some shit
To express my hate for you

I've decided to do something more neat
Maybe you can take the heat
For all the wrong you did

Your ugly, inside and out
You changing? I doubt.
You can't. Your too true

To your hateful ways
Ruining people's days
It's the things you say, what you do

I could just say 'oh well!'
Or 'burn in Hell'
But that's to easy

I told you now, the truth you needed
Not just about me, never conceited
But about everyone you've done wrong

That's all I will say
One day you'll pay
But by your own plaguing thoughts not by a man's hand
♠ ♠ ♠
I know it's not good but I was really angry one day and this was what my emotions led to.