I feel like a flame, sitting among the driest of forests, burning everything I see.
The fire rages, and I scream, trying to stop myself, but I cannot. Nothing can stop me. Nothing but... Her.
She stands before me, with white blond hair and piercing blue eyes; her skin is so fair,
like the color of snow.
She can stop me. She is the key.
She is my weakness, yet I strive to have her near me.
She defeats me in a way that I feel victorious.
I am Fire, and she is Ice. Opposites that cannot live without the other.
And so, we live on, eternally giving the world two of its most treasured elements.
We are the balance, the perfect order.
We are black and white.
Yin and Yang.
Life and death.
We grace each other with affection, that cannot be separated.
Not by the harshest storms, the tallest mountains, or the strongest men.
We are forever.