The only sounds I hear are the harsh winds of solitude
I seek the warmth of another,
Yet no one comes to save me.
Is there even another one?
Or am I the only one in this lonely, frozen wasteland of a world?
But then, I heard it.
The fiery passion in his screams break the silence in the bitter cold
I followed the sounds, and saw him, fighting his nature.
I helped him; I cooled the flames of destruction and brought him out of the forest
And when I felt the intense heat from his touch, I knew he was the one.
And now he takes me with him
To dangerous places, hand in hand, protecting me from the mysteries of our world.
A journey to the sun
An adventure to the moon
Wherever he is, I am there too
He says I saved him
But he saved me
From the loneliness of the ice land
And now we run, forever and always
We are fire and ice
Two things that need each other, more than anyone thought possible
I would lay down my life for him
And he would do the same for me
We have a bond
An eternal connection
Something that binds us together for longer than a life time
It’s called love.