I can feel my feet rising off of the ground.
I scream, but my throat closes up, and no sound.
I have no idea what's happening now,
I call out for answers by saying, "How?"
My eyes close,
And nobody knows.
I must find out, I must find out.
I run, and scream, and shout shout shout.
This time, my words come out, and I'm heard.
But my body has changed, I am now a bird.
I am flying high, up in the sky.
With nothing to do but cry cry cry.
My wings are strong,
But I still feel wrong.
So I call out again, "How?"
I transform again and say WOW!
This time I have become a butterfly.
A beautiful winged one, so I ask "Why?"
The answer comes when he pulls away,
His kiss leaves me tingling and I want to forever keep this day.