I couldn't ride two horses at once, so I left the circus.

She stares at the sky, absorbing the colors-
Blues, pinks, greens.
She sighs as she listens to the environment surrounding her.
She spreads her arms,
Leans her head back,
And jumps.

Down, down, down.
She falls from the top of the third floor to the cement below,
Where the neighbors hear a loud smacking sound.
Her mother runs outside,
Tears stain her cheeks.
She holds the bloodied body of the daughter that used to be hers.

She looks to the heavens,
Asking whomever may be listening why her precious angel was gone.
What had she done wrong to lose the gift of her daughter.
The tears fall from her eyes, onto the shattered face of her daughter,
She looks into the eyes of her lifeless child,
Seeing the sorrow that had held itself within for years.

To whomever hears me.
These are my final words.
And if you find this, tell my mother,
I love you, and hug her.
And sing her my song,
One fish,
Two fish,
Red fish,
Blue fish.
Society hated me,
So I ended me."

A cruel realization formed into her mother's mind,
As the world has taken the best thing it had.