Dear Bailey

Bailey I am so sorry
The past I cannot change
If I could simply go back
The things that I’d rearrange

I’d make it so you could be here
So that I could see your face
So that we could still talk
To see you in all of your grace

I wish that things had been different
That he hadn’t taken you away
That I would have known what would happen
That you could still be here today

If I could just see you again
To see your face and hear your voice
I’d tell you that I love you
If only that were a choice

I’d never want you to go
Because I really do miss you
I wish I could change the past
Then maybe I could be with you

Then we could talk and laugh
And believe we never would end
Remembering all of our moments
All our promises as friends

But I know I will still see you
On your grave I will put flowers
And begin to remember the past
And begin to remember our hours


Bailey I am so sorry about how things happened two years ago.
I miss you so much more than I ever realized I would
I still remember our promise that we would be best friends forever, and I still hold that to be true
I'll always love you, and I'll never forget you Bailey
I love you
Rest in Peace
Bailey, Best Friends Forever, 1995 - 2010