I forgot what it felt to just let my voice ring,
I forgot the serenity I used to feel when I sing.
But I threw that gift away,
When I picked up a cigarette and let the addiction stay.
My voice no longer carries a melody,
If I wasn't ashamed I would sing just so you could see.
This is a secret I've kept deep within my heart,
I've been embarrassed from the start.
Now you know I can sing,
What if I said I could dance, what kind of torment would that bring?
My secrets out for all to know,
But it's an old talent I cannot show.
My voice is gone and my feet refuse to groove,
So under these stars I'll sing softly, and I won't move.
Outside in the warm night air,
I felt comfortable to share.
On a warm Jersey night,
The only thing on your face was a smile and the starlight.
Tell me if I'm wrong?
But girl I wrote you a song.
A song I may never sing,
Girl you still have my ring.
A secret shame I've only shared with my baby,
Will I sing again for her, just maybe.
I regret that first smoke,
And every single toke.
I lost something I can never replace,
My voice used to echo in this place.
But the birds refuse to sing,
And my voice will never ring.