Your One and Lonely

Each flake was a whisper,
Of the next snowfall.
The air had gone crisper,
For the coming show.
The Devil played God that night,
As the moon brightly shined.
And He in all of His might,
Set both our fates in stone.
Death rang His iron bell,
And it tolled for me,
Calling me to hell.
Then all was silent.
A wind had gone by,
As He had came in.
And I tried to fly,
But my wings were ripped.
I played the tragic hero,
Whose flaw was only love.
She's now the lonely widow,
And she has stopped waiting.
Now and for all eternity,
I watch over her.
As I pay in naivety,
I am damned.
I would rather see her dead,
Than see her go on witout me.
A stranger sleeps in my bed.
I am eternally punished.
"Oh, sweet Death,
End her life!
Take her breath,
End my strife!
Oh, Serendipity,
Please reunite!
Take her mortality,
End this plight!
I am forgotten!
I'm not her one and only!
My love is rotten,
I'm now her one and lonely!"
A cruel God had set the stage,
For this monstrous play.
My tragedy's final page,
And woe is named "me."