Lady of the Night

Marie Margaret “Mag” Dalene,
Was born on March 14, 1913.
Born in New York State,
With a shiny, clean slate.
And it is my unfortunate task to tell,
The sad story that befell,
A young girl that believed in fairytales,
That sold what should not have been for sale.
Born under the rich name Dalene,
From her parents William and Josephine.
Later on her sister, Melissa, would come,
But Marie was beautiful to all, not some.
The silver spoon fed her sister and she,
Until her mother died at Mag’s age of fifteen.
Then two years later after the recession,
America hit its Great Depression.
Her father lost everything he earned,
As Wall Street crashed and burned.
Pneumonia was the cause of his death,
And just the children were left.
Now, barely grown and seventeen,
Young Marie Margaret Dalene,
Had little Melissa to look after.
Everything was now a disaster.
Life was full of corruptions,
And her beauty was her only option.
Marie looked for love in all the lonely places,
Only to find people with evil faces.
So then with her body, they survived,
And into Hell she dived.
And through Hell, with all her might,
Just for Melissa, she had to fight.
The money lasted for a while,
And she lost her smile.
The bills piled high,
But they both got by.
Then she met Mr. Kevin Cory Jr.,
Who was thirteen years her senior.
“Your job,” he implored,
For he saw the countless paramours.
She found love in his face,
And felt it in his embrace.
She wanted love’s best thing,
A family and a diamond ring.
And one night her fantasy,
Was destroyed by reality.
As she found blood on his wrists,
And his heart that she slit.
She does not know,
Why he had to go.
She wish she knew why,
He didn’t say goodbye.
She found happiness at the bottom of her glass,
And she saw the time pass.
Then the bottle shattered against the floor,
As Melissa, grown up, walked out the door.
Melissa had left,
For Mag’s life was spent.
She tried to drown herself in gin,
Because she couldn’t forget her life of sin.
To keep her company are her sugary spices,
And her virtuous vices,
Which followed her to the mound,
In her new home, six feet below the ground.
So now after death,
Even after her last breath,
In Heaven she has lost all her strife,
Because she made sure, Melissa had a life.