Desperate Housewives and Cokeheads

Well, she's been trying, with limited success,
To take her anxiety pills and avoid all this stress,
But he refuses to answer the phone.
Even with three kids, she's feels all alone.

And he's been lying, wit limited success,
That he's working on a truck somewhere in Texas,
But everyone of us can clearly see,
He's been selling things that he shouldn't be.

Well desperate housewives need new thrills,
And a working man to pay all on the bills.
Plus cokeheads desperately need their trips,
And you can't ever tell who's selling "witch and zip."

If only she knew that emails can be re-opened and re-read.
If only he knew that there is always a snitch in the end.
Fortunately, both of them are actually getting better,
Let's just hope they do their best to get their shit together.

But without people like them, what would our world be like?
One where nobody's drink would ever get spiked.
And one where marriage actually meant something,
Except empty promises and a fake, gold ring.

But it's these type of people that make the world go around,
As they work behind the curtains without making a sound.
Can't we just turn a blind eye to all of these facts,
Or at least use censors to cover up their acts?

'Cause the truth never really set anybody free,
At least, most certainly, not for me.
Well, isn't it a little bit too late,
To acknowledge all of our mistakes?

We willingly let different lovers,
Steal all of our significant others,
And we make a dishonest living,
With a gift that takes instead of giving.

We burn our virtues inside of the fire,
And never discover that it's our own funeral pyre.
But I say that we should go on, and the flames burn.
At least this way, hopefully, we'll eventually learn.