Is it cold wherever you are?
Does the moon ever come out to shine?
Do you still keep your heart inside a jar?
Is there enough room in there for mine?

Do you think you will ever come back,
Back to this lovely, loving home?
I don't blame you for ignoring the "welcome" mat,
Because this house never really was our own.

And I wonder how easy it was for you to leave,
To leave me here waiting just for you.
You said you needed a little time to think,
Take all you want 'cause what else is there for me to do?

You always were a fine, good astronaut,
Flying off into empty space.
I promise, that I will forget you not,
Just send someone to take your place.

Can you remind me of who I was,
And the person that I used to be?
Just don't start looking for him because,
That person could never have been me.

Was that what was before our hollow shell?
The happy life that we once lived?
Heaven has sent us straight to Hell,
Even though we still have some life left to give.

I wish I knew what had gone wrong,
I'd have the answer I was looking for,
To this problem that only prolongs.
I'd have the key that unlocked the door.

I always was a fine, good astronaut,
Flying off into empty space.
If you promise that you wiill forget me not,
I'll send someone to take my place.

Stars begin to fall from our sight,
As the day collides with the night.
Our bloodshot eyes watch in pure fright,
As the sun goes out like a light.
Keep the ones that you hold dear,
Because true love is the final frontier.

We always were such fine, good astronauts,
Flying off into empty space.
We promised to forget each other not,
As we take our last fall from grace.
And yes, you are my love, my astronaut,
Your helmet hides your pretty face.
I promised that I would forgot you not,
As you send someone to take your place.
Of course my love, my darling astronaut,
Falling from the red sky above,
I promise that I will forget you not,
I could never replace your love.

I know that your body floats somewhere,
Drifting in the dark matter of space.
And even though your dismembered up there,
Your sacrifice has saved the human race.