finger curls

fuck your body,
your lips, dick, fingertips.
let's wrap your skin up in brown paper bags and send them to the less fortunate.
I got dreams of tongue kissing your voice,
and the only way I can do that is by sticking my tongue down your throat,
trying to make dreams come true.
but I swear, it's like i'm talking to a wall, the way your hands caress my hips.
you call me eager, slutty, dirty, like i'm trying to touch your body.
I just can't get through,
can't repair these jagged edges between us.

all my life i've felt whole,
wasn't 'til I met you, I started to question what 'whole' was.
stopped questioning, tried to pull you into me, and I was a fool
to think you fucking me meant you were inside of me.

i'm siphoning you. i'm taking that bike ride and jaw break,
those t-shirts and navy blue,
flickering television screens and consoles,
your last kiss,
and i'm going to eat, like a king, those scars on your arm.

prepare to open your body one last time,
as I peak inside before taking you in.
i'll brave your nightmares, indulge your sins.
this is the only way, that I can see,
for a fabric between us to finally begin.

the next time, you're on top of me, and my hips are shoved against yours,
trust me,
i'm not trying to feel your dick.
i'm still being desperate,
trying to skip past your psyche,
and cut straight through the flesh.
♠ ♠ ♠
any critique at all is craved, i'm really not a poet, so, i'd like as much feedback as possible~!