Mein Schmertz

A bad thing in a bad world,
Never felt so right.
It was like a daily hangover,
And a party at night.

Mein schmertz,
Why do you run?
I'm dying to go chase after your shadow.

We used to pop prozac for breakfast,
Then drink cognac at brunch.
We'd do meth afterwards,
Then sleep until lunch.

Mein schmertz,
Where do you hide?
I'm dying to go looking for your ghost.

Smiling to hide a frown,
No one knew your name,
But when you skipped town,
Everyone knew you then and there.

Beauy queen of the next generation,
Smoking cigarettes at the gasoline station.
Her sweet sixteen tasted so bitter,
Just like an expired Colt 45 malt liquor.
She was doing lines in the bathrooom,
Putting on her perfume,
When I say, "You've never looked more beautiful,
Than you do shooting up, my doll."

Mein schmertz,
What do you feel?
I'm dying to know.

Mein schmertz
When will you leave?
I'm dying to be without you.
I'm waiting for the rain to wash your scent away.