You and Me

We were unstoppable
Completely perfect
Until she ruined it
Quickly and swiftly she stole you away
I didn't even realize til you were gone and oh how many things went wrong
I blamed you and she blamed me
We were supposed to be together
We still loved each other
But you had a duty to her and a desire with me nothing would work with you and me she and I were two sides of the same coin I was your heart and she was your pain
She was your friend and I was your love but she loved you I loved you and you loved me but you couldn't wouldn't hurt her so you destroyed me you said you'd never hurt me and you didn't this isn't pain this is so much worse.
♠ ♠ ♠
Yea this just came out cuz of some shit that happened to me recently so I hope u liked it comment plz