Why Can't You Understand

I smile at you to hide the pain,
I laugh with you so I don't cry.
You say that you're my friend,
But you're never there when I need you.
I never forget about you,
Nor do I never not have time for you.
The harder I try to reach out to you,
The harder it is for me to stay sane.
How can you say that I don't make time for you,
When it is you, who makes time for everyone but me.
I just want to be yours,
But I know I never will be.
I don't feel I exist,
Until you look at me.
When I don't talk to you,
I feel lonely and empty.
You make my day always so much better,
Why don't you understand that?
Just being in the same room as you,
Makes me feel at ease.
My cheeks blush and my heart races,
Whenever I see you.
I just don't understand what's wrong with me,
That makes you not love me.
Whenever I see that you're happy without me,
My heart breaks a little more each time.
I'm not sure how much pain I can take,
Or how much more my heart can break.
I just want to be yours,
Why can't you understand that?