Roses are red
Violets are blue
You like me
And I like you, too.

It's hard to believe
that it all happened so fast.
That there was so much we could acheive
throughout an entire week.

The way that I feel surely is true.
You're always on my mind,
The only person I want is you.

You make me feel complete
and I can assure you,
that is a feeling that can't be beat.

We have what we deserve,
what we've needed,
to be served
in the journey that we call life.

I'm glad you found me,
and it's time for me to finally see
what love and romance are all about.

There's not a single doubt
as to where this relationship will lead.
We have potential indeed,
and that's what a true relationship is all about.
♠ ♠ ♠
so, I'm dating this new guy and his name is Aidan. He's 18, a year older than I, and we met on Facebook commenting about a status about RELATIONSHIPS and the things that can go wrong haha :) We just ended up talking, hit it off, and something clicked romantically. He lives an hour away but that's okay because he's willing to make the drive. We've been dating for about a week by tomorrow and he makes me really happy. Expect more poems to come!