What Makes You Lovely

I keep telling you
Time after time
How beautiful you are
Yet you think I lie

Don't waste what you have
To get what you don't
Because if you do
You may really lose yourself

I'm not lying to you
I'm merely telling you
To not hold so desperately on
To the misery within you

Misery doesn't care about you
It'll stay within you as long as you allow it to
And you're way too pretty to frown
So please just smile

If you keep wallowing in the dark
Things will pass you by
Friends, fun, and happiness
And all that's left to do is cry

Once you're in the dark
You sink farther and farther
Until you become someone else
And you lose yourself

I don't want to lose you
Over something that can happen anytime
I'm begging you not to dwell
It won't do you very well

Cupcake I love you
You have so many people to love you
I know you haven't had a chance to give love
But that shall all come in time

You have years for this experience
Don't worry that you aren't the first
Just because you may get a boyfriend first
Never means he's actually good

Just do yourself a favor and look in the mirror
Curly hair and light eyes
Goofy laugh and plump lips
Big nose and sassy personality

This is what makes you lovely
You are lovely honey
Don't take yourself for granted

Love yourself
Love others
Love life
♠ ♠ ♠
Thanks for reading :D