My Beautiful Soldier

i keep thinking about that day,
that youll board that airplane,
the day i have to kiss my beautiful soldier goodbye,
the pain it brings,
keeps me up at night,
thinking of the things i will say to my beautiful soldier,
the thought of losing you in one small fight,
makes me lose the tears i hold deep inside,
worrying everyday for my beautiful soldier,
i want to be that girl in a picture in your pocket,
the girl you wish you were with during this long war,
my beautiful soldier in a war zone of his own,
i hope to be that girl with a ring on her finger,
letting everyone know i will be yours till the end,
i hope to marry you one day my beautiful soldier,
i want you to know everyday ill be waiting for you,
that day by day i will make it through just for you,
i will always be yours my beautiful soldier,
i will cry for the days without you,
i will cry for the hugs i wish i could give you but cannot,
i hope you are safe for me my beautiful soldier,
the red white and blue will always fly in my yard,
just to remind me you are protecting many,
i hope you will come home soon my beautiful soldier,
my calender will be marked,
it will show the days till i have you in my arms once again,
i will see you in a few my beautiful soldier,
its the day i get to see you again,
my heart is pounding as i wait for you,
i see you walking toward me my beautiful soldier,
my eyes finally release the tears,
my chest heaves as i try to stay calm,
i run straight into your arms my beautiful soldier,
i am one of the girls who will forever wait,
the girl who will always sob when i see you again after a long period of time,
for i will wait for and love you till the end my beautiful soldier
♠ ♠ ♠
just something i wrote the day i found out my boyfriend had enlisted in the army, it broke my heart....... but hes worth the wait......