Music in My Mind

I need sound in my vains before my heart causes caine.
My mind is slain.
No,I've never been sane.
Music is my campaign.
Never again will it rain in my eyes.
This body my disguise.
Reality full of lies.
Constant allibies.
All I want is a lulluby.
Never accept good-bye.
Never give up.
Feel beat up.
They tell me grow up.
Feel like my mouth is sown shut, just hoping for a chance to sing.
Not a chance till the death bell rings.
Life's constant flings.
Never to get a ring.
So for now,I listen as others pour their souls.
I feel like I'm under hot coals.
Fire in my tries,failing causes cries.
Help me! Help me! To lose more of my mind.
Help me to never find life the same,make me tame.
Tired of mellodic games.
When I'm finished all I feel is maimed.
To be honest,I'm always fondest of the low.
To my past,I should let go,but it still lingers keeping time.
All like a jumbled rhyme.
Feel like I've comnited a love crime.
My mind still in it's prime.
A critical choice by the flip of a dime.