Our Story

the untold story of our love,
will never be understood,
by those who have only felt lust,
we fell before our eyes even met,
your story relates to mine,
more than any other i have heard,
the pain in our hearts,
can only be cured,
by the other half of our soles,
you and i were to missing puzzle pieces,
waiting to be found,
to complete the puzzle of life,
the things we have suffered,
have only brought us closer,
you know the deepest secrets,
that i hide behind my smile,
and i know the ones that kill you inside,
im determined to be the one,
the one to bury it all alive,
cause you see,
i love you more than the air we breath,
the smile you give to me,
is more beautiful than the shining seas,
you may say your incapable of loving,
but i see the look in your eyes,
i know you care,
but your scared to show the real side of you,
its weird how i thought i would never be loved,
but the day you told me,
"your my little blue rose forever",
changed the way i felt on that matter,
the world would mean nothing to me,
without you there by my side,
the feelings i have for you,
will never subside,
you are my first,
that i can say i have loved,
having you next to me,
would be everything i need,
just like the water we drink,
i need every last bit of you,
or i will never be truly filled,
i would die for you,
my sweet black rose,
i love you with everything i have,
when i see that smile on your face,
i know your just like me,
you hide the tears,
behind a facade,
unwilling to show anyone,
for you fear they wont get it,
they wont understand the situations you have faced,
but what you dont know,
is theres a girl right in front of your nose,
a girl who feels the same,
shes willing to do anything and everything,
to save your beautiful heart,
from turning completely to stone,
a girl who wants to make your story,
and her story,
into our story
♠ ♠ ♠
please comment and tell me what you think!!! im planning on giving this to my boyfriend on valentines day........