Sexy or sweet?

His words cut deep,
His glare slices me.

We go back trite;
just two months ago.
We were the cutest couple,
Who always took things slow.
Nine months in counting.

He spits at the memories, that brought me so much joy.
Who is this man,
where went the innocent boy?

His words cut deep.
His glare slices me.

He dumped me for her;
though now he is bitter.
He acts like a scorned man,
who is no longer a Mister.

He wanted her- like he now has.
But why can't he look me in the eye
Every time I pass?

You do feel the ache I still do?
Do you feel the want I have for you?

Do you?
Do you?

I'm desperate.

You can bottle up your feelings;
turn them into hate.
But you're not pushing my concern away.
Not at any rate.

I catch you in the hall after class. I grab your hand. Then I ask, "Are you okay?"
For a moment, I see the hurt.
Then you hide it; and start to smirk.
The anger is back-
so is the hate.
I frown.
"I know this isn't you." I say.

You scoff and turn the corner,
I stifle my mind.
The constant mourner.

She likes bad boys, like you now are.
She wouldn't accept the old you, the one with many 'ol scar.
The past brings kisses, promises and wishes.

She stole your core;
you are gone.
The one which had compassion took only a dawn.

My eyes start to dull,
My expression goes grey.
I just want to help.
But I just get in the way...

I want to choke her; for stealing your soul.
Strangle her snicker, and rearrange this missing hole.


Your eyes dart from me to her;
I know what you're thinking.
Do you choose sexy or sweet?

I shake my head and start to turn.

I'll make it easy.

Just stay with her.

I'm gone.