Theron Branch

Being young is fun
But not when it is this hard
When you're on waiting lists for surgeries
That will leave you scarred

Hospital visits are never fun
Sometimes you want to cry
Everyone looks at you with sympathy
And you don't know if it's a lie

You have a long life ahead of you
No matter what the doctors say
You're handsome and sweet
You are here to stay

Life may be hard
But God loves you
Just pray to him
When you don't know what to do

Your mind, body, soul
He will heal
He will listen always
And know how you feel

Just keep your chin up
A beautiful smile
Don't you worry
You will be here for a while

We are cheering you on
In you we all believe
You're gonna push through
No one is gong to grieve

It won't be easy
But it will be worth it in the end
For we are always here
We will be your friend

Theron Branch
You are so strong
Don't worry
Your life will be long

In sickness and in health
In love and in pain
Everyone loves and cares for you
Fight through, you have a lot to gain

You are in my prayers
You are in my heart
You are so amazing
You're God's work of art
♠ ♠ ♠
For a young man, my grandmother knows who has CF. I plan on praying for him everyday, and I hope you will keep him in your prayers too. His name is Theron. :)