Scars Tell Their Own Story

there's many of them on my arms, thigh, stomach, and palms,
but yet they all have a story hidden behind there long white line,
you see that one right there?
well that one came from realizing my reality,
my heart was broken into many fragile pieces,
while the cuts let my broken heart cry,
the scars tell there own story,
while people interpret them into there own thoughts,
but many are wrong on what they think the story is,
many think it is out of pure craziness,
while to me it was to relieve the pain,
cause you see I've been through to much,
to much i have had to bare at a young age,
i saw many things that scarred me deep inside,
and no one could see those deep wounds of despair,
so i showed the whole world how broken i really was,
i made new scars of my own,
to show the stories of my past,
to let people know that they succeeded in breaking me,
with every insult, slap, and rejection,
they broke me more and more,
till i couldn't take the pain from others anymore,
i did there job for them,
i put myself down and rejected myself,
i took that sharp blade and drug it across my white skin,
praying to god this day would be my last,
for i thought i was nothing in this world of something's,
the scars remind me of every tear shed,
every harsh word and rejection,
they tell me the things i wish tho forget,
but there always there telling me the story over and over again,
cause as you can see scars tell there own stories
♠ ♠ ♠
me being in a depressed mood....... tell me what you think