Tried to Make It Go Away

i wish you would look past the mask i hide behind,
its like all you do is see skin deep,
cause that's all you want to see,
you don't care that I'm dying inside,
all because i want to be held and told it'll be okay,
you go around with your busy little days,
only noticing me enough to say hi and bye,
not enough time to say how was your day,
cause you see all i want is for you to see the real me,
to see that I'm not that girl you see on the outside,
the one who yells and screams and doesn't care about anything,
i just want someone to look me in the eyes and say i love you,
cause i do care about those little things,
those tiny little moments we have in the middle of the day,
you cant tell cause I hide behind a facade,
but I'm hurting deep inside every minute of every day,
i just want everything to be okay again,
to be care free for a little while,
i want those times back that you would ask if i was okay,
you would hug me till my tears dried up,
cause you knew i was hurting and you tried to make it go away