Her room
smelt of warm English tea
just right to drink
But not too quick

I take her in
Sips at a time
Her skin like sugar
her eyes like honey

She breathes in
I shutter

Like tea sliding
down my throat
Warmth blossoming
in my chest

Like her hands
sliding up my sides

My heart hovering over her
Her heart below

She lifts her mind
reaches my shoulder
I feel her smile against my skin

It feels like sunshine
just like the bright glow
that washes over the room
reflections of dust
swimming in the beams

Arms secured
on the back of my neck
Gasps and giggles

Her mind isn't over matter
but rather
resting on the bed

She arches her back
mumbles and sighs
I slip my hands beneath her
she's porcelain

I feel her tense
then relax
like steam
leaking out of a tea pot

I pour a cup for myself
my hips upon hers

I take her in
Sips at a time.