For Ex-Friends

I don't know where I'll be in a few years
But I know that I'll still acutely hate you
With a fire burning internally,
Perpetually lighting a torrid view.

But the best part, darling,
Is that I am completely justified in my hate.
You royally fucked me over,
You can't clean this slate.

I regret my choice
To become your friend,
What wonderful qualities of yours
Did I have to defend?

You saunter around
Pretending you're such hot shit
But I wonder what they'd think
If they saw you throwing a stupid fit.

You're a shitty artist,
Your work will never change
Also, you're a fucking bitch
Who's bat-shit and deranged.

Sorry, not sorry
To burst your bubble, hun,
But if I were you,
I'd stop pulling this juvenile bullshit, and run.

Run as fast as you can
Before your mistakes catch up with your pathetic life
Or improve yourself
To become a better friend, a future wife.

Your fear has taken over your life
Yes, you do need a friend
But I'm not sorry
That my time with you came to an end.

I regret ever associating myself
With a someone who's a complete joke
If you deepthroated a gun
Would you shoot or choke?

Give it up, darling
You're not fooling a soul
You reek of desperation
And you have the sexiness of a pole.

So eat a fucking sandwich
And stop whining, you bitch
See yourself as people see you
And maybe you won't be a total glitch.

For the time being,
Fuck off, whore.
I have enough problems in my goddamn life
Without dealing with you and your petty war.
♠ ♠ ♠
I really fucking hate her, okay.