Darling, I told you

The war is over,
Take another look.
The scars are older,
Take any story you want.

Listen here,
No one will love you.
Lighten up,
You're just another joke.

Sweet little innocence,
Just another lie.
Sugar, you're not fooling another,
Take this little heart of mine and flush it down the drain.

Hushed whispers,
You're not telling anyone.
Hyperactive, darling,
You'll drain yourself one day.

Can you travel the world,
When you're not even living?
Could we take you downtown London,
And show you the real living?

This crusade,
It's all just a laugh.
The stories will baffle,
As you hide in another corner.

Begging for it to end,
Darling, I told you.
Bringing in the memories,
I told you, you're just a joke.
♠ ♠ ♠
It's all just a war