Finding Comfort In Darkness

Goth girl

Just trying to get by

Searching for someone to love

Longing to break free of the chains that bind her

Cannot see the point in conformity

All those around her have let her down

Parents and teachers

Nothing they say has any meaning for her

She is looking for her own way

She sees glamour and pride in the gothic community

These people are proud to be different

Living life on the edge

A darker sense of adventure and enlightenment

The secrets are there to be found

Darkened awareness is there if you search for it

A new perspective on life

In which negatives can be turned into positives

Enter the world of darkness

And find comfort within

These people are hurting inside

Crying out to be loved

And this unusual company of misfits

Is like a pack of wolves

Looking out for each other

Even in your darkness you can find inspiration

Let your imagination light your path

And find your way to a new beginning
♠ ♠ ♠
My school assignment was a poem about individuality, so here's the outcome.