True Love

since that first day i layed eyes on you,
i felt different inside,
in the middle of all the chaos,
even when i felt like giving up,
i had something to live for,
someone that i can truly love,
and be loved by,
you gave me hope in the darkest times,
when evrything started to fall apart for good,
you came in like my gaurdian angel to save me,
save me from myself,
from all the pain and hurt in my heart,
you gave me a chance to see what true love is,
to feel the comfort of someone there by my side through everything,
my heart is broken into millions of pieces,
but you are the one keeping them inside of my chest,
your keeping me together when all i want to do is fall apart,
to just run away from all of this pain,
but you keep a staedy grip on me,
keeping me from running,
you dont know how hard it is for me to trust,
but i have trusted you with it all,
in a way its a reliever,
i have someone there to know what im going through,
for you to hold me like no other has before,
to wipe away every tear i shed,
cause i dont have to feel lonely anymore,
i finally have someone to show me the real meaning of love
♠ ♠ ♠
Trevor <3 <3