Unrequited love

Ugly, skinny, too dark
That is how the world labeled me.
That is how everyone saw me
And that is how I began to see myself.
I seldom dared to look in the mirror,
In fear of seeing my reflection staring back at me.

Unwanted, worthless, too stupid
That is how I felt each day
I tried masking the pain
With the simple smile I wear so well.
I always saw my flaws,
My imperfections stood out,
There was never anything to admire about me,
Nothing to make heads turn.

But that is when I met you.
The very first guy I ever truly loved.
For the very first time in my life,
Someone actually called me 'beautiful'.
You held me in your arms,
Like I was a precious jewel.
You made me feel for once,
That life was actually worth living.

I know my love for you is unrequited
And I know I may never be the one,
Knowing that I will just be a friend,
I will never stop loving you.
I may say different,
but my feelings for you will never change.
Till the end of time, my love for you shall not falter.