Because of You

No words can ever truly explain the feelings i have for you,
You were my rock in themiddle of the storm,
You held me down when all i wanted to do was fly away
My mind goes a million different ways when i think of you
Caus i think about the future
The future with you there by my side
The one with your hand holding mine
Through the hard times
I see so many things now
That i could never see in the past
You have made the reason for my living known
I was meant to find you sooner or later
To make it through the hurricane
To find refuge in your strong arms
To feel the love and safety of another
Like ive never felt before
Because of you i can breath easier
To just be me without fear of no acceptance
For i know you accept me for me
And not the fake side i have created
Because of you i can smile
And it be genuine
You have caused me to find myself once again
And i could never thank you enough
From the beginning i knew there was something about you
But i couldnt quite figure it out
But now i know
You are my soul mate
The one i belong with for the rest life
You complete my broken heart
And have put the peices back together a little at a time
Becuase of you i feel amazing everyday
I just want to shout up at the sky that i love you
To let the whole world know
For them to know through all their hatred and harsh words
I have finally found something
Something that can take all the memories they have created away,
Someone to mend the wounds inside of my chest
I can finally be let free
To just be me
You can see who i truly am
The person i was before i lost so much
Because of you i have hope
You have shown me that it all.does get better
But you just have to find the right person to help
Someone to be there by your side
To catch you before you fall
I wish i would have realized all of this a long time ago
But i know it now because of you