Have You Ever

Have you ever felt like you were floating in air
Like nothing could hold you down
Have you ever felt like running outside
And just yell to the sky
To scream i love you to the person who means the most to you
And them scream it back
To dance in the rain
While it falls down over your body
To twirl around and around like you did as a child
Have you ever wanted ro run to someone and say hey you know your beautiful right
Just to see a smile on someones face caus of you
To know that you made someones day a whole lot brighter
Have you ever heard the sound of a heart beat
A heart beat that thumps faster when you come closer
To cause someone to laugh without even trying
Have you ever wanted to prove everyone wrong
To prove that you are stronger than what you.seem
That you can pull through all of the pain
To win this battle of heartahe once and for all
And have a genuine smile for once
Have you ever cried.yourself to sleep
Cried.just caus you could
To sob for the things you know you missed out on
The things that you wish you coukd have but will never be able to
Have you ever wished upon a star
Wished you could take all the rhings you have done wrong back
To start over again and prove that your not that person people think you are
To show the real side of you
Have you ever dreamed about something
Dreamed about the one you love
To wish he was there by your side at night
When you need him the most
To remember what its like to hold his strong hands
To kiss his lips and fall into him
To feel like hes thw only one there when your with him
Have you ever fell in love
Fell in love with so many
But only one od those was true love
To realize you couldnt imagine life without that one person
Caus there your life
Have you ever had someone make you laugh
When all you want to do is break down and cry
To pull you in for a hug and say i love you
To say you know your not fine
When all you do is say im okay
Have you ever had someone eight behind you
To catch you if you fall
To make suee you get through it all
To make it easier to bare the pain
And to love you through all of your flaws
Have you evr found thw one for you
The one you know will listen to you
Whether your silly or serious
Happy or hurting
Tired or wide awake
They will always be there by your side
Have you ever heard of true love