The Fallow Green

Sunshine touches the tops of trees-
naked branches call forth their leaves
Children laugh and dance and sing
and flowers spring from nascent green.

This is my park as it should have been
but the time for games has reached an end-
From this the shining sun shall hide
in dark'ning clouds of rain, and, oh! The pain-
the leaves have dropped and the grass has died.

And when they found my soul was dead
they asked for knowledge of my head
but the time to ask had fled-
for a fort was build instead.

Where once we laughed and danced and sang
and played upon the fallow green
We learned to sing the song of pain
and bowed before a king and queen.

Comes time from clouds the Sun takes its head
but my face and hands and feet burnt red
and against the light, so bright, I closed my eyes
unable to witness my park's demise.
♠ ♠ ♠
Because Blake is awesome.
I tried to make it iambic. Please tell me you noticed!
Constructive criticism is always welcome.