I cut just to see the blood

Trickle down my wrist

Like the tears i cry

Have you ever wanted to die?

Just to be out of this world?

Crawl in a hole, lay there,

As you have to look at the people

The people that you thought care

Well im done with all the lies

If you really care look into my eyes,

You would see someone who's hurt

Someone sick of being walked on,

Kicked around like the dust and dirt.

I cut to feel the power

The power over myself

Power to control

Control what? you ask

Nothings under my control

Its all in there control

They put me here

They can take me out

I didn't come willingly

I did tear

I cut because i gave up

Gave up on myself

It helps me cope,

Ive thought about a rope

But it would give them

Give them Satisfaction

Satisfaction of me laying

Laying lifeless 6 ft under

Time to time i will look up

Little do they know

Im ready to go

I cut to fill a hole,

A hole in my heart

A hole in my head

Where the guns to my temple

Finger tense on the trigger

Just a single thought

Comes to my mind

♠ ♠ ♠
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