Billowing Ladies

Lovely ladies of white
Billowing along in the air
Blur my vision.
From high above
A world that is bright and intrusive
Is obscured.

If only I could get a hold of one
And put it to good use.

These open fields
Once vast and inviting
Are limited now
Warped by the sheer certainty of containment
Ending all freedom.

There is nothing left unenclosed now.
No more wide-open spaces, almost no beauty
But more productivity.
But what will that lead to?

If I could just find one of those floating phantoms
Reach one and grab it
Smother my face in it like a soft, whispy pillow
Inhale it, drink it in
And become one with it
Drowsily, blissfully lost.

Or perhaps I would join them in the sky.

Sometimes, on those rare foggy days
In the mornings especially,
My friends will drift down daintily to greet me
Lingering around, giving comfort
And dull, if for a moment, a fragment of my sight.