i lay there silent,
waiting for the voice,
the voice i once trusted,
i hear a door open,
the shuffling of feet,
as i lay there silent waiting and listening,
then i hear the sounds i wait for everynight,
the man yells with a booming voice,
while the lady is weeping for her life,
you can hear the cracking of his hand against her now red cheek,
and the creek of the floor as she lays down,
the quiet is welcomed once again,
while i lay here in the dark,
i know this isnt the end,
so i stay hidden in the night,
the slamming of a door breaks the peacful silence,
i hear the booming voice once again,
a silent tear falls down my cheek,
for i know its only going to get worse from here,
i fear for the lady down the hall,
i want to be there to protect her,
but i was told to stay put and hush,
the screeching of a woman wakes me out of my thoughts,
her pleaing makes the tears fall down faster,
i know shes in trouble but yet i cant be her gaurdian angel this time,
i know whatever happens,
someones going to lose,
and someones going to get broke,
i hear her scream,
and my mind goes different ways,
i want to save her from the harm being done to her,
but she told me to stay put and hush,
i make a rash decision,
i run toward the horrible sounds,
i lay ,y body right down next to hers,
i take the blows that were meant for her,
and her alone,
but the anger takes over him,
he sends the kicks and fists flying at me now,
telling me i wasnt supposed to be,
the lady lays next to me saying,
you were supposed to stay put and hush,
and i lay there taking the pain for the woman laying next to me,
i start to fade and she starts to scream,
the man keeps kicking as i lay there helpless,
i hear the sound of a gun,
then i fall into the darkness
♠ ♠ ♠
i wrote a second part to this its hush part 2 so i hope you guys liked it...and let me know what you think