Let's Run Away..

Let's run together just you and I
Where the mountains meet the sky.
Where it's just you and I alone,
Where we can finally feel at home.

No more pain to fill your eyes with sorrow
Only laughter and promises of tomorrow.
No more nights with the blade pressed to your arm,
My Angel I'll keep you safe from harm.

It's just one word you have to say,
A simple yes and I'll sweep you away.
Somewhere no one else can see.
Where it will only just be you and me.

Let's run away, forget our lives,
No longer will those green eyes cry.
A smile will always dance on your face.
When we run away from this place.

Just tell me yes, and love, we can go.
Somewhere only we will know.
Nobody to tell us who to be,
When we run away just you and me.