I mourned that part of me I worked so hard to keep
Yet I fell into your trap, I gave you it so willingly
I trusted you, I was such a fool
Who would've thought you'd turn out to be so cruel

I sit here and wonder everyday
My oh my how I wish I could stay away
Because even though you hurt me so
I can't bring myself to let you go

You're awful, mean deep down inside
I fell in love in with your great disguise
You played me so well, I don't know what to say
But do you think you'll regret what you did one day?

Would you realize how much I tried?
Would you believe me if I told you how much I've cried?
Over you, when you don't even deserve me
I hope it eats at you, like it's killing me

I gave you the chance, I gave you my heart
You only bruised it, you tore it apart
Of all people, why was it me?
This awful pain, I hope you see

I'm on my own, dealings with this demon
I'll never understand what was your reason
I hope you're happy, I hope you're well
But I promise you one day, you're gonna feel my hell.