Natural Attraction

The gentle movement of the giant trees.
The cool, tingly feeling of a soft, summer breeze.
The river playfully sings of things that transpire.
The birds lazily drift as the wind takes them higher.
We watch these things, but our minds start to stray.
Instead, we daydream about later today.
The trees only mock our movements together.
The rush of our breath not result of the weather.
The melody of our voices make the river seem quiet.
Birds watch from above and think they might try it.
Your sensitivity and passion means we feel the extremes.
My curiosity and creativity means our entire bodies sing.
When my heart is wounded, you are there to protect it.
Like Yin and Yang, we're complete and the other is perfected.
♠ ♠ ♠
Disclaimer: This poem refers to sexual material.